WORK & PROFESSION insurance:

The health insurance for foreign guest scientists, PhD students, domestic help workers and other social security exempt employees

Thank you for your interest in our WORK & PROFESSION insurance!

In times of growing globalization, “working abroad” is becoming increasingly important and significant. It is not only internationally active companies who deploy their employees around the world, guest professors and guest scientists transfer their know-how in research and science, freelancers in the fields of nursing and service occupations, as well as craftsmen leave their homes behind and go to work abroad temporarily.

Would you also like to work in Germany or Austria, free of social security contributions, gainfully employed and perhaps also bring your partner? You need the appropriate travel insurance fitting to your needs - for the long-term too - insurance which we are able to offer you:

Take advantage of our years of experience as experts in the field of travel insurance! Our team guarantees you a personal consultation and support. We are distinguished by our unbureaucratic and rapid approach: whether it be processing of our selection of products, conclusion of a policy or processing a claim. Optimum support in cases of illness or events of loss or damage are particularly important to us.

What is insured?

Health, accident and liability insurance.

Who can be insured?

All persons up to the age of 60 who have a social security exempt, temporary commercial job in Germany or Austria (e.g. as a guest scientist, guest professor, PhD student, domestic help, nurse, child minder, intern, seasonal worker in the catering trade, craft trade, retail or service sector) and who have not had a permanent residence in Germany or Austria within the two years prior to entering the country.

Where is the protection?

In Germany or Austria for a temporary, legal stay during the effective period of the policy.

Additional insurance coverage worldwide for vacation purposes for up to six weeks per insurance year even in the home country.

How can you take out this insurance?

  • Online
    Quick and easy, after just a few minutes you will receive your official insurance policy.
  • Via Fax or regular mail
    Just complete our simple form and return it to us. We will process it directly and you will receive your official insurance policy within 2-3 working days.

When does the coverage begin?

Immediately upon departure (border crossing) leaving the home country with direct travel to the host country.

When does the insurance cover start?

Insurance cover starts upon departure (border crossing) from the native country and direct travel into the host country. In the event that other countries must be passed through on the way to Germany/Austria, the insurance cover is also active in these countries.

At the earliest, however, the insurance cover begins from receipt of the application by Klemmer International, from receipt of payment of the due amount (Attention: Please pay attention to the particularities of the direct debit procedure) and after expiry of any applicable waiting periods.

When does the coverage end?

Insurance coverage can be terminated anytime at the agreed time, in case of early departure, or if the visa application is denied. All it takes is a phone call!

Of course, you can also terminate your policy in wirting by e-mail, fax, or letter