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Book travel health insurance online

Thanks to our tailor-made concepts, we offer insurance products for all your travel needs.
We have designed our travel insurance products for optimum coverage of your insurance needs. Aside from travel health insurance, we offer additional protection in the form of third-party damage, accident, trip cancellation, or trip interruption coverage.
With us you can find the right insurance solution quickly and easily with direct online closing.
You receive your confirmation of insurance for submission to public authorities directly after the closing. It exceeds the official requirements for issuing a visa – including the Schengen visa.


Au pair baking with a little girl in a checked apron

Moving in with a family of strangers as an au pair in a foreign country is a tremendous step for many. We accompany au pairs on their adventure and, with our travel insurance, offer insurance solutions optimized to meet the needs of an au pair and the host family. Au pairs need addition foreign travel health insurance, since their health insurance coverage in the home country often provides no or only insufficient protection.

We insure:

  • Au-Pair
  • Demi-Pair
  • Granny-Au-Pair

Au-Pairs to Germany

from € 1.10 per Day (33.00 €/month)

Au-Pairs from Germany

from € 1.00 per Day (30.00 €/month)

Students & Pupils

Student sitting at the table with pen and block and talking to another student

Highly competitive, very good, and extremely fast: With our travel health insurance starting at EUR 1.00 per day, we as experts with many years of travel insurance experience offer a complete, worry-free package for students. Whether you are a native of Germany or Austria going abroad, or a foreign student coming to Germany or Austria: Our multilingual team has the right insurance solution for you.

In addition to foreign travel health insurance, which is indispensable, accident and liability insurance complete your insurance coverage.

We insure:

  • Students
  • pupils
  • language students
  • work & travellers

Students to Germany/Austria

from € 1.00 per Day (30.00 €/month)

Students from Germany

from € 1.00 per Day (30.00 €/month)

Workers & Professionals

Craftsman testing a machine

You want to work in Germany or Austria, far from home, exempt from social insurance? You are going abroad professionally, or being sent by your employer? Then you need appropriate insurance coverage. After all, insurance in your home country only covers a fraction of the possible risks or none at all. We protect you and your relatives, if they are traveling with you, not only with optimized health insurance but also by offering other sensible packages.

We insure:

  • Guest scientis
  • Doctorands
  • Expatriats
  • Employees
  • Business travellers
  • Seasonal workers

Occupationally to Germany/Austria

from € 1.20 per Day (36.00 €/month)

Occupationally from Germany to worldwide

from€ 1.00 per Day (30.00 €/month)

Guests & Vacationers

Man and woman as tourists looking at a map

Vacation time at last! Are you embarking on a trip somewhere abroad or coming to Germany/Austria as a guest? Your well-deserved time off should be free of worry. Our services extend beyond foreign travel health insurance, accident insurance, and liability insurance, protecting you worldwide in case of a claim. Additional components optimize your insurance coverage. And our competitive premiums are easy on your travel budget. Insure your trips with us as a vacationer or guest for up to 60 months.

We insure:

  • Vacationers
  • Guests
  • Visitors
  • Tourists

Travellers to Germany/Austria

from € 1.20 per Day (36.00 €/month)

Travellers from Germany to worldwide

from € 1.05 per Day (31.50 €/month)

Goethe Institut participants

Woman advises a man about the Goethe Institute

Our exclusive insurance concept for Goethe Institut participants guarantees tailor-made health insurance coverage for you – complemented by accident and liability insurance – at fair and competitive prices. We developed and perfected this insurance product in years of successful cooperation with the GOETHE INSTITUTE, especially for its participants.

We insure:

  • Goethe Institut participants

Goethe Institut participants to Germany

from € 1.10 per Day (33.00 €/month)

Nursing & Service occupations

Nurse laughs with an old lady in a wheelchair

More and more freelancers in nursing, healing, and service occupations are temporarily working abroad. This is gaining importance in these times of increasing globalization. The demand for care workers and household help for example is rising steadily.
You want to work in Germany or Austria, exempt from social insurance, and perhaps taking your family with you? Then you need the officially prescribed health insurance coverage, which we have optimized with additional accident and liability insurance.
We can offer this protection to you and your family – also in the long term!

We insure:

  • Care workers
  • Household aids
  • Nannies
  • Service occupations

Occupationally to Germany/Austria

from € 1.20 per Day (36.00 €/month)

Statutory health insurance

Stethoscope with health insurance card and tablets

Statutory health insurance is mandatory for employees, enrolled students, farmers, artists, and journalists in Germany. On principle every insured has the same claim for benefits: It covers the cost for seeing a doctor, operations, medications, medical devices from hearing aids to walking frames, and preventive measures.

Take a look at our partner programs

Subject to compulsory insurance

  • Employees
  • Enrolled studentsArbeitnehmer
  • immatrikulierte Studenten
  • Farmers
  • Artists
  • Publicists

In Germany

Aid program

A significant contribution to humanitarian aid for children and adults from a recognized disaster area, such as Chernobyl are recreational stays that have been organized and carried out by various aid organizations for many years with great commitment. Those affected can spend some carefree weeks in Germany. With the simple handling of the registration formalities and an unbureaucratic and quick handling of claims, we help to limit the without extensive administrative effort of aid organizations. This foreign travel insurance can be applied for both persons coming from a recognized disaster area such as Chernobyl, as well as their escorts and other foreign guests (eg bus drivers) engaged in this humanitarian mission.


Application, Consumer information (05.18.)

We insure:

  • People from approved disaster areas

People from approved disaster areas

from € 0.55 per Day (16.50 €/month)

Group travelling

Group of young adults sitting on a bench

Are you planning to travel within Germany or abroad as a group?
Have you booked a trip together, with the same travel date and destination? We offer group travel insurance for groups such as clubs, associations, and school classes consisting of at least 6 people.
Our group insurance provides you with optimum coverage and you benefit from our most competitive rates.

We insure:

  • Language study travel
  • Educational travel
  • Holiday travel
  • school trips

Groups to Germany/Austria

from € 1.00 per Day (30.00 €/month)

Groups from Germany

from € 1.00 per Day (30.00 €/month)

Cancellation insurance

Man with a injured leg by the water

Trip cancellation insurance protects you against unexpected costs for very little money: You get optimum protection if your trip is canceled or starts late for a wide variety of reasons. Our vacation guarantee (=trip cancellation) even takes effect if you have already started your vacation and then have to interrupt it, for example due to illness. Many different reasons are recognized as causes for interruption with these products.
If the cost of your trip exceeds EUR 10,000 or you have other questions, please contact us directly.

We offer:

  • Flight
  • Car journey
  • Cruises
  • Rail journey

Annual travel insurance

Booking of travel insurance with laptop and ID card

Do you travel several times a year? Then you should consider separate annual travel health insurance or a yearly package, including trip cancellation insurance. This is also available with gold or platinum protection, including travel health insurance, emergency insurance, and/or luggage insurance depending on the rate.

Our 5-star premium full coverage makes your vacation worry-free: It includes trip cancellation, trip interruption, illness, and luggage damage insurance was well as a comprehensive emergency and consulting services. This package can be booked separately or as annual insurance.

Perhaps you are planning an extended stay abroad? If so you may need additional accident or liability insurance. Please contact us: We will review your insurance documents free of charge.

We offer:

  • Annual travel health insurane
  • 5-star premium full coverage
  • Travel accident insurance
  • Travel liability insurance
  • Annual cancellation insurance standard, platin or gold

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