About us

As an independent insurance brokerage, we represent the interests of our customers in dealings with insurance companies and provide comprehensive support for insurance matters, similar to a lawyer. Our 23-member team in Gaißach supports our customers with great dedication and enthusiasm.

We are a member of the MARTENS & PRAHL Group. As our umbrella brand, it encompasses more than 80 midsize insurance brokers and over 850 employees, making it one of Germany’s largest brokerages. Through this extensive network of specialists in every field, we are able to meet all insurance needs.
Specializing in travel insurance is an important supporting pillar for our company – in addition to classic commercial and private insurance as well as taxi and rental car insurance.

KLEMMER's world

Whether you are coming to Germany or going abroad as an au pair, language student, doctoral candidate, vacationer, care worker, globetrotter, or one of many other possibilities: With travel health insurance, liability insurance, and combined insurance packages for full, worry-free coverage, we always offer the right solution for your stay abroad.

Thanks to our tailor-made concepts, we offer insurance products for all your travel needs.

We have designed our travel insurance products for the optimum coverage of your insurance needs. Feel safe!

Aside from travel health insurance, we offer additional protection in the form of third-party damage, accident, trip cancellation, or trip interruption coverage.

There is always a need for insurance, regardless of the company size. We analyze this need, review your existing insurance contracts, and provide you with optimization offers as needed.

After a detailed personal consultation, our customers decide how far their individual wishes for insurance go and how much coverage they want. We work the same way for our private customers: The focus is on coverage for everyday risks in cooperation with the customer.

Our consulting services consistently focus on protecting the livelihood of our customers.

We also provide assistance with processing claims and obtaining expert opinions on site, and negotiate with insurers in the interest of our customers.

What’s more, we offer individual solutions for private retirement provision, disability, or health insurance, and offer assistance in a wide variety of life situations.

The vehicle and driver are a taxi company’s capital!

We offer full, demand-driven insurance coverage for individual enterprises and large concerns!

In regards to motor vehicle insurance, we provide optimum coverage through our exclusive master agreement. Even if the prerequisites for the master agreement cannot be met, we have the right solution. Our modular system lets customers choose the coverage they want (such as full comprehensive insurance).

Entrepreneurs can also protect themselves against the financial consequences of accidents and claims in case of damage to the vehicle equipment, furnishings, offices, and during the transportation of persons and goods.

We offer protection with exclusive insurance concepts – including content, electronics, and business liability insurance as well as legal costs insurance.

The agriculture and the forestry sectors in particular depend on foreign workers to handle seasonal peaks. They can work in Germany for varying periods of time depending on the applicable legal regulations and personal status.

Obtaining private health insurance for the duration of the stay is advisable, otherwise the employer bears the full risk. Klemmer International Versicherungsmakler GmbH with its “Harvest Helper Insurance” product is the leading broker of insurance for seasonal foreign workers.

We have untangled the maze of provisions and clauses to eliminate hassles and save you from doing unnecessary paperwork. You can insure your harvest helpers quickly and fairly with no bureaucracy at extremely favorable terms – starting at just EUR 0.39 per person/day. If you require statutory health insurance for helpers subject to social insurance or foreign contractors, please call us!

Our motto applies here as well: quick and unbureaucratic

Our team

  • Daniela Gögler

    Gesellschafter- Geschäftsführerin

  • Karen Schumann

    Gesellschafter- Geschäftsführerin

  • Christian Schmitt

    Gewerbe- & Privatkunden

  • Zeljka Lozancic

    Reiseversicherung Vertrag/Vertrieb

  • Yvonne Hartmann

    Reiseversicherung Leistung

  • Roland Fröhlich


  • Anette Isler


  • Martina Ruf


  • Michael Bernhardt

    Taxi-, KFZ-Versicherung

  • Daniela Göggerle

    Assistentin der Geschäftsführung

  • Anna Gögler

    Marketing & Produktmanagement

  • Marina Heerklotz

    Kundenbetreuerin Gewerbe- & Privatgeschäft

  • Horst Rossmüller

    Taxi-, KFZ-Versicherung

  • Eva-Maria Herbst

    Taxi-, KFZ-Versicherung

  • Christina Baumgartner

    Gewerbe- und Privatkunden

  • Erika Mährlein

    Reiseversicherung Vertrag/Vertrieb

  • Florian Auer

    Taxi-, KFZ-Versicherung

  • Antje Giersch

    Teamassistenz für KFZ & Taxi

  • Allyressan Mandary

    Reiseversicherung Vertrag/Vertrieb

  • Angela Binder

    Reiseversicherung Leistung

  • Petra Oswald

    Taxi- & KFZ-Versicherung

  • Ines Arnold



Klemmer International Versicherungsmakler GmbH is a member of the MARTENS & PRAHL Group, one of Germany’s largest insurance brokerages. With more than 70 partners, you can count on over 100 years of experience. The large network with specialists in all fields allows solutions to be found for any requirement in the insurance sector.

The MARTENS & PRAHL Group consists of small to midsize companies and works independently of external capital interests. Its partners are independent entrepreneurs under the M&P Group’s umbrella.


Au-Pair Society e.V.

Federal association for au pair agencies, host families, and au pairs in Germany. The Au-pair Society e.V. was founded in the year 2000 and is a nonprofit association accredited by the German government, with the objective of improving the circumstances of au pairs in Germany, within the EU, and worldwide in cooperation with partners. We support these efforts and therefore the associated agencies as a sustaining member.



With more than 90 years of experience, the BDVM is the leading association for insurance brokers in Germany. The BDVM was founded in 1918 and represents well over 600 insurance brokerages with more than 12,000 employees today.

As a future-oriented professional association with a sense of tradition, the BDVM’s objective is to consistently represent the professional interests of its members and to promote their commercial interests. It is also dedicated to achieving general recognition of the qualified insurance broker occupational profile envisioned by the BDVM. Becoming a member of the BDVM is a guarantee for customers that the quality standards and values summarized in the code of conduct will be adhered to.


Deutscher Reiseverband e.V.

As a top-level association, DRV represents the travel industry in Germany. As a leading lobby we safeguard, more particularly, the interests of tour operators and travel agents. DRV is supported by a significant economic strength: our Members represent the largest part of the turnover on the tour operator and travel agent market.


Gütegemeinschaft Au pair e.V.

The quality association’s objective is to ensure the quality of preparation, brokering, and support for au pair deployments, and to certify services of assured quality with the RAL au pair quality seal.


International Au Pair Association

The International Au Pair Association (IAPA) is the leading global trade association for organisations active in all aspects of au pair and cultural exchange programmes.
IAPA has more than 170 member organisations active in 45 countries worldwide.

Member organisations must meet firm business and ethical standards, and agree to abide by the IAPA Code of Conduct which signifies competence, fair dealing and high integrity.


VEMA - Versicherungs-Makler-Genossenschaft e.G.

The VEMA is organized as an association with the stated objective of being a qualified service provider for all insurance brokers.
Thanks to the provision of special concepts and exclusive master agreements, customers of a VEMA broker are assured of modern and secure insurance coverage.


WirtschaftsForum Oberland e.V.

WirtschaftsForum Oberland e.V. is the regional marketing initiative of the Bad Tölz – Geretsried – Wolfratshausen economic area.
The association’s objective is to intensify cooperation between companies, associations, and chambers, the towns, and the administrative district, and to realize new synergies. It is also committed to optimizing the economic region’s public image. Members of the WirtschaftsForum include the towns of Bad Tölz, Geretsried, and Wolfratshausen, the Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen administrative district, the trade associations, companies, and public personalities.


WYSE Travel Confederation

WYSE Travel Confederation is the industry membership body that represents the business interest of the providers of youth & student travel products and services. WYSE Travel Confederation itself does not provide travel opportunities to young people, but rather advocates on behalf of the industry to governments and industry bodies.