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Health, accident, and liability insurance coverage for foreign guests & tourists in Germany/Austria

You are visiting Germany or Austria as a guest or tourist, wanting to get to know the country and its people, see the sights, meet friends or relatives?
We have developed insurance coverage tailored to your needs so you can enjoy your stay with peace of mind.

Travellers to Germany/Austria

from 1.20 per Day (36.00 €/month)

Dieser Leistungsvergleich gibt Ihnen einen Überblick, genaue Leistungsbeschreibungen und umfassende Informationen finden Sie in den Verbraucherinformationen. Die Versicherungsbestätigung zur Vorlage bei den Behörden erhalten Sie unmittelbar nach Abschluss. Der Umfang übersteigt die Anforderungen der Behörden zur Erteilung des Visums – auch die zur Erteilung von Schengen-Visa.

Premium overview

1st – 12th month Premium
3-40 years € 1.20
41-60 years € 1.60
61-69 years € 2.90

Your advantages

  • Daily premiums
    We offer innovative daily premiums. So you only pay for the exact duration of the planned stay.
  • Billing accurate to the day
    Excess premium payments are refunded if the insurance contract ends prematurely.
  • Direct settlement with doctors and hospitals
    With all rates: No duty to pay in advance. We have direct billing with doctors and hospitals
  • Refund of premiums
    With the PREMIUM rate: One monthly premium after min. 12-month term without claims.
  • Everything from one source
    From the application to contract management to support in case of a claim – our experienced team handles everything for you.
  • Recognized for visas and residence permits
    The insurance coverage exceeds the official requirements for issuing a visa – including the Schengen visa.
  • Vacation trips
    Insurance coverage worldwide for up to 6 weeks for vacation trips.

Consumer information