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Insurance for students and language learners from abroad

You are studying at a private university not accredited by the government, attending a language course in preparation for studying, are a guest student, postgraduate student, language learner, or intern no more than 60 years old, or you are properly enrolled and more than 30 years old? Obtaining health insurance coverage for your stay in Germany is mandatory. Our insurance packages can be chosen individually to meet your specific needs and include additional accident and liability insurance to ensure comprehensive coverage for you in case of a claim.

We urgently recommend obtaining health insurance coverage for students from the EU as well, since insurance in their home country does not pay for everything, for example return transport that is often expensive

Students to Germany/Austria

from 1,00 per Day (30.00 €/month)

You receive your confirmation of insurance for submission to public authorities directly after the closing. It exceeds the official requirements for issuing a visa – including the Schengen visa.

(✓ = is included, X = is not included)

Premium overview

1st – 18th month Start*          Basic         Premium
3-40 years € 1.00 € 1.20 € 1.34
41-60 years € 1.50 € 1.70 € 1.95
from 19th month Basic         Premium
3-40 years € 1.65 € 1.80
41-60 years € 1.90 € 2.40


*The tarif Start is limited to a maximum of 12 month with KLEMMER Internation and the insured person.

Your advantages

  • Daily premiums
    We offer innovative daily premiums. So you only pay for the exact duration of the planned stay.
  • Billing accurate to the day
    Excess premium payments are refunded if the insurance contract ends prematurely.
  • Direct settlement with doctors and hospitals
    With all rates: No duty to pay in advance. We have direct billing with doctors and hospitals
  • Refund of premiums
    With the PREMIUM rate: Up to 2 monthly premiums after min. 12-month term without claims.
  • Everything from one source
    From the application to contract management to support in case of a claim – our experienced team handles everything for you.
  • Recognized for visas and residence permits
    The insurance coverage exceeds the official requirements for issuing a visa – including the Schengen visa.
  • Vacation trips
    Insurance coverage worldwide for up to 6 weeks for vacation trips.
  • Choice of rates
    Health, accident, and liability insurance with tiered benefits: START, BASIC and PREMIUM or
    accident and liability insurance: LIABILITY/ACCIDENT