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Book group travel insurance online

Travel insurance for groups from all over the world –
health, accident, and liability insurance

Are you coming to Germany or Austria as a group of travelers consisting of at least 6 people? If so, obtaining the best possible joint coverage is surely important to you. Our straightforward online closing makes it easy for you to quickly insure everyone taking part in the trip. Our insurance packages can be chosen individually to meet your specific needs and include accident and liability insurance in addition to health insurance to ensure comprehensive coverage for you in case of a claim.

We urgently recommend obtaining health insurance coverage for EU residents as well, since insurance in their home country does not pay for everything, for example return transport that is often expensive.

The purpose of the trip is decisive for choosing the rate.

Ausländer nach Deutschland/Österreich

from 1.00 per day (30,00 €/month)

Please note:

You receive your confirmation of insurance for submission to public authorities directly after the closing. It exceeds the official requirements for issuing a visa – including the Schengen visa.


Sample list

You can also send us the data of the insured persons as an Excel file to
We will send you the insurance confirmation immediately by e-mail.