Consumer information for the WORK & PROFESSION insurance

Here you can find the current Consumer information for the WORK & PROESSION insurance. You can easily read them and/or save/print them for your records

The Consumer information include:

  • Product information sheet
  • conditions of insurance for the travel insurance policy of Klemmer International Versicherungsmakler GmbH (RVB 05-2017)
  • the Special Conditions for the WORK & PROFESSION insurance policy (BB WORK & SCIENCE 05-2017)
  • Customer information on the
    - insurance broker
    - insurer
    - insured benefits
    - contract (Right of withdrawal)
    - complaints procedures
    - data processing

» WORK & PROFESSION-Consumerinformation 05-2017.pdf


For contracts until May 7th 2017 the Consumer Information 01-2017 are valid:

» WORK & PROFESSION-Consumerinformation 01-2017.pdf

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