Work & Profession

In times of growing globalization, “working abroad” is becoming increasingly important and significant. Internationally active companies deploy their employees around the world and send expatriates into subsidiaries. Know-how from foreign countries is transferred into the research and science sector by guest scientists and guest professors. Guest residencies abroad are becoming more and more frequently used for training and qualification, e.g. for completing doctoral or diploma theses.

Whether you would like to work in Germany, Austria or anywhere else in the foreign world, whether you want to send employees abroad, or set up branches abroad. You need the appropriate travel insurance fitting to your needs - for the long-term too - insurance which we are able to offer you:

Medical insurance; accident and liability insurance; travel cancellation, interruption or baggage insurance; and we also insure your property (e.g. with household contents insurance) and your legal rights (legal expense insurance) during trips. We would be happy to discuss an individual insurance concept with you.

Foreigners going to Germany/Austria
  • Kombinierte Kranken-, Unfall- und Haftpflichtversicherung
  • Tagesprämien, dadurch taggenaue Abrechnung durch Rückzahlung überschüssiger Prämien
  • Ggf. Beitragsrückvergütung
  • Aufenthalt bis 3 Jahre
  • Weltweiter Versicherungsschutz zusätzlich für Urlaubszwecke bis zu 6 Wochen pro Versicherungsjahr auch im Heimatland