Tourists & Guests Travel Insurance: Coverage for trips abroad

Whether a short trip or world cruise, a country tour or a city tour - your insurance coverage should be as individual as your travel plans. We suppport you all over the world - with expert competence and individual products designed especially for tourists and guests.

Insurances that protect you from harm in Germany or Austria, often do not provide adequate coverage when abroad, which is the case, for example, with many health insurances.

Be prepared and purchase the right travel insurance in advance! As an independent insurance broker, we can provide you a broad range of insurance products. Discuss your needs with us.

We are always pleased to assist you.

Travel insurances for stays abroad

We take care about your protection during a trip to relieve you from any worries. No matter if you or your family need urgent support during your trip regarding the selection of a hospital/doctor, the return to your home country because of illness or accidents (even by plane) et cetera – our insurances are able to cover any personal requirements. Depending on the age and length of the journey we have got different offers to serve your individual needs.

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Travel insurances for stays abroad

You shouldn’t even worry about your arrival or departure. Our insurances even protect you from financial harm in case of a trip cancellation or loss of baggage. Contact us to create an insurance protection that is designed according to your personal desires.

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One-year travel health insurance

A one-year travel health insurance is protecting you on any journey within one year, no matter how often you travel.

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