Your advantages with us

Optimal protection

Health, accident, and liability insurance (incl. deportation insurance) developed by experts and continuously updated for market conditions.

Payment methods

  1. Debit (Direct debit mandate)
    If you have a german or austrian bank account you are welcome to pay by direct debit. The premium will be deducted directly from your account in monthly equal instalments.
  2. Credit Card (VISA, Mastercard)
    Naturally all customers can also pay by VISA or Mastercard. Your credit card will be charged directly at the application date with the total premium - independently of the respective beginning of the contract.

Exclusive: Direct settlement with doctors, dentists, and hospitals

Direct settlement of doctor, dentist, and hospital bills in Germany/Austria with tariff PREMIUM with a lump-sum payment of the premium for the entire term of coverage.

One source for all your needs

From the policy generation to the processing of benefits, everything is handled by our experienced, multilingual in-house team.

Officially approved insurance protection

The insurance protection fulfils and exceeds the requirements of the authorities regarding the granting of a visa - also the requirements for granting a "Schengen" visa.

Day-exact accounting

In the event of an early termination of the policy, we calculate exactly to the day and refund any over payments.

Exclusive: Premium refund

With tariff PREMIUM you are entitled to a one month refund of your premiums after a minimum term of 12 months with no claims.

Online portal for organizations and companies

Simple registration and administration of insurance policies for organizations and businesses via our convenient online portal.