Combined insurance cover for foreign guests attending the Goethe Institute in Germany

You have signed up for a language course at a Goethe Institute? Here you will learn German effectively and sucessfully! One of its most important aims is the promotion and knowledge of the German language abroad. Linked with this, the Goethe Institutes offer highly qualified language training to foreign guests in Germany, private and professional contacts and an inside-view into the German culture.

After years of successful cooperation Klemmer International has developed an insurance concept that has been tailor-made to suit the special institutes needs. The employees of the Goethe Institute near you will be happy to advise you.

Apply here for our fairly-priced guest insurance from only 1,40 EUR/per day on completion of your language course.

Note: For years our products have been meeting - and in benefits even exceeding - the standards and requirements of the Schengen Treaty. Our insurance is valid in all Schengen States. The requested minimum coverage of 30.000 EUR is exceeded.

Information brochure GOETHE insurance

Oder möchten Sie sich als deutscher Staatsbürger an einem der weltweit vertretenen Goethe-Institute zu einem Kurs einschreiben? Die für Sie passende Versicherung finden Sie hier.