Students Travel Insurance

Language studies abroad occur in many forms today: Language courses, work & travel, working holiday, high school/college exchange programs, student exchanges, semester abroad, internship programs... all have the same aim: Everyone who decides to participate in a trip abroad has a desire to learn about the country, the people, and the language.

We provide you with appropriate insurance coverage for international travel (OUTGOING), as well as trips to Germany/Austria (INCOMING) so that you can enjoy your stay without any concerns. Our special insurance plans are tailored for the individual requirements of the language students and their host families.

With us, you will never pay a single day too much!

Customized insurance coverage at a fair price for

  • Language students
  • Work & Travel
  • Working Holiday
  • Work & Study
  • High School or College Programs participants
  • Job interns and trainees
  • Matriculated students who need a compulsory health insurance (more information here)
Students going to Germany/Austria Students going abroad