What you should take in account in an event of a claim

Your Au-Pair is sick and needs a treatment by a doctor/dentist?

Please submit the certificate of medical treatment to the doctor/dentist before treatment. You received this certificate together with the policy (if ordered online: PDF).  

Thereout the physician/dentist concludes how and what he/she may bill, when he/she has to confer in advance and which treatments are not covered by the insurance.  

In case of any uncertainty about the assumption of costs concerning the necessary treatment, we recommend you/the doctor to contact the claims department first. Our staff will gladly clarify all treatments which are included in the insurance cover.

Your Au-Pair has to be accommodated in a hospital as an inpatient?

Please inform us immediately, if your Au-Pair needs to be accommodated in a hospital due to an emergency. We sort out any issues concerning the assumption of costs directly with the hospital. There is no need for any advance payment of yours.

If it is not a case of emergency and hospitalisation, we ask you to previously call our claims department to clarify the coverage of costs with our claims department in advance.

Please present the certificate of medical treatment and your insurance number so that the hospital can send the application for the coverage of costs to Klemmer International.

Your Au-Pair is involved into an accident?

In case of an accident your Au-Pair should be treated by a physician as quickly as possible. We ask you to report the accident to us immediately. If the accident entails death, an announcement to Klemmer International is required within 48 hours.

Your Au-Pair caused damage to a third party?

If your Au-Pair is facing a liability claim we ask you to always point out, that the Au-Pair will never acknowledge any claims or settle payments without reconciliation with Klemmer International. As a basic principle, Klemmer International determines whether you can be held responsible.  

We take care of everything necessary directly with the claimant. Please report liability claims as fast as possible to ensure an optimal procedure.

You can find a form for the notification of a claim here.

How does the refund take place in case of a claim?

For an ideal claim settlement we ask you/the doctor to provide the following data/records:

  • The original medical bill via post
  • The original prescription including surname and name of the treated person
  • Insurance number
  • Bank details (to settle doctor’s bills)

The tariffs BASIC PLUS, PREMIUM and PREMIUM PLUS include direct bill settlement with the doctors/hospitals. There is no need for you to pay in advance. Please notice that the costs for prescriptions can only be deducted after the receipt of the doctor’s bill. Doctors should mention their diagnosis on the bill.