In order to provide a good overview about our products, we shortly summed up the most important facts

Daily Premiums
From now on we offer daily premiums which means that you only pay for the duration of your trip.

Billing on a daily basis
If the Au-Pair contract ends prior to maturity, you get back the surplus of paid premiums.

Reimbursement of premiums
Our products BASIC PLUS, PREMIUM and PREMIUM PLUS include a refund up to 2 monthly instalments after minimum contract duration of 12 months without an insured event.

All from one source
Our sophisticated team cares about any of your concerns from application to contract administration up to any cases of claims.

Holiday Trips
Worldwide insurance coverage for holiday trips up to 6 weeks including trips with the host family.

Approval for visa and residence permit
Our insurance coverage meets and even exceeds the basic requirements of governmental authorities for the issuance of visas. This applies as well for the issuance of the Schengen-Visa.

Choices of insurance tariffs
Health, accident and liability insurance with staggered benefits: BASIC PLUS, PREMIUM and PREMIUM PLUS  

Accident and liability insurance: LIABILITY/ACCIDENT

Health Insurance

Direct billing with physicians and hospitals
Upon lump-sum payment of the insurance premium for the entire term of coverage in the tariffs BASIC PLUS, PREMIUM and PREMIUM PLUS: no duty to pay in advance for the insured.

Pre-existing illnesses
Treatments of pre-existing illnesses are insured by our tariffs PREMIUM (6 months waiting period) and PREMIUM PLUS (no waiting period).

Birth control consultation and examination
The tariffs PREMIUM and PREMIUM PLUS also cover costs of consultation and examination (see pos. 1 and 5 of the GÖA)  

Psychiatric illnesses
Acute initial treatment of mental and psychological disorders and psychiatric illnesses are covered.  

Medical benefits for rehabilitation
Our tariffs include outpatient measures in rehabilitation facilities.

Homeopathic treatments
Pain related homoeopathic treatments by a physician in private practice are included in the tariffs PREMIUM and PREMIUM PLUS.

Medically reasonable return transport
The possibility of our policyholders to recover is an absolute priority for us. Therefor we have created an advanced insurance coverage that refunds the costs of return transport, not only in case of medical necessity.


In case of permanent impairment of the physical or mental ability (disability) caused by an accident, our policyholders receive a compensation. This also applies to the heirs in case of death.  

Increased invalidity benefits included in the accident insurance
The products LIABILITY/ACCIDENT, BASIC PLUS, PREMIUM and PREMIUM PLUS contain better invalidity benefits on a progressive scale.

Rescue expenses
All tariffs cover rescue expenses (e.g. use of a helicopter) due to an accident.

Cosmetic surgery
Only the tariffs LIABILITY/ACCIDENT and PREMIUM PLUS cover cosmetic surgery due to an accident.

Insurance for children’s accidents
Only the tariffs LIABILITY/ACCIDENT and PREMIUM PLUS provide protection for the host family’s children. The invalidity benefit accounts for up to 35.000 €.


The insurance coverage basically includes damages that occur during the Au-Pair occupation.

Damages to the host family’s rooms
The tariffs LIABILITY/ACCIDENT, PREMIUM and PREMIUM PLUS account for damages to owned or rented rooms or buildings of the host family caused by the Au-Pair.

Costs for deportation
Emerging costs due to a deportation induced by a governmental authority are insured.

Key loss
Cost refund from a loss of the house/apartment key through the Au-Pair is only given by the products LIABILITY/ACCIDENT and PREMIUM PLUS.