What’s insured?

Health insurance
The travel health insurance covers costs of unexpected and acute treatments during the journey in the host country. Included are necessary in- or out-patient treatments occurring from illnesses or accidents.

Accident insurance
The policyholder receives an invalidity benefit when involved into an accident during the contract period that leads to a permanent impairment of the physical or mental ability (e.g. paralysis or amputation). The amount of the invalidity benefit complies with the sum insured and the degree of disability. If an accident leads to death of the policyholder within one year, the heirs are entitled to claim the benefits of the sum insured.

Liability insurance
The private liability insurance provides protection for damages based on the dangers of daily live and the tasks of the Au-Pair. This applies for damages arising to third persons and to people the Au-Pair is responsible for. As a regulation agent Klemmer International Versicherungsmakler GmbH cares about claim settlement as well as the examination of entitlement to compensation. Unfounded claims against the Au-Pair will be repelled. In this sense the Au-Pair also enjoys legal protection in case of unjustified liability claims.

Deportation costs insurance
The travel liability insurance also contains a deportation cost insurance. In case of deportation ordered by governmental authorities claimed costs towards the host family are covered up to the insured sum determined by the tariff.

Why should you use a travel health insurance?

Citizens of a member state of the European Union (EU), the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland are able to claim benefits in case of illness during their trip to Germany/Austria. Therefor travellers only need to show their European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). A person who is counting only on this coverage also has to take in account that potential costs for repatriation have to be bore by itself. That is why we always recommend a travel health insurance.

Who can be insured?

Anybody up to the completion of the 40th year of age going on a temporary Au-Pair/Demi-Pair trip to Germany/Austria is allowed to use this insurance. Additional requirements are that this person has to live with a host family and hasn’t had a permanent residence in Germany/Austria during the last 2 years.  

Where does the insurance cover apply?

The policyholder is insured on his temporary, legal stay in Germany/Austria during the whole contract period. Additionally the insurance covers worldwide protection for up to 6 weeks of holiday/vacation per insurance year even in the home country.

How can you take out the insurance?

  • Online
    Quick and easy – you will receive your policy within a few minutes via Email as PDF. This policy can be used as insurance certificate for governmental authorities.
  • Via post or fax
    Fill in the application form and send it to our office. We will process this form as fast as possible and you will receive your policy within 2 or 3 working days on the postal way. This policy can be used as insurance certificate for governmental authorities.

What should you consider before settling a contract?

To gain the complete insurance protection you should pay attention that the contract period equals the whole duration of your trip. In case of early return or host family shift we refund the overpaid premium to one-day accuracy.

When does the coverage become valid?

The insurance coverage starts with the departure (border crossing) of your home country and the direct journey to the host country. If the policyholder crosses other countries during the trip to Germany/Austria we also provide coverage in these transit countries.

However the coverage starts at the earliest with the incoming application in our office, the receipt of payment (special conditions with the SEPA direct debit mandate) and the expiration of possible waiting periods.

How can you pay?

You have several options of paying the insurance premiums:

  • Bank transfer
    You transfer the premium for the whole contract period in advance or in pre-agreed monthly rates (every 30 days).
  • SEPA direct debit mandate
    We debit the monthly premium from your bank account every 30 days.
  • Credit card (only if insurance is taken out online)
    We charge your credit card with a single premium for the whole contract period in advance.

How long can an Au-Pair be insured at the maximum?

The contract has to be subscribed for the whole duration of the planned stay. Initially for one year, in the following it is possible to issue a subsequent contract for another year

When is the expiration of the coverage?

The insurance coverage expires to the date written down in the contract. In case of early departure, a switch of the host family or a denial of the Au-Pair-Visa it is possible to cancel the contract immediately. A short call is entirely sufficient. Of course it is also possible to contact us via Email, Fax or letter.

Your Au-Pair wants to prolong its stay?

We also offer suitable insurances, if your Au-Pair starts (language) studies or a formation in Germany/Austria.

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